I've been an independent musician (and a mostly independent woman) now for around 10 years. I started out writing songs and playing at folk festivals as a teenager and following in my Dad's footsteps (he's a acoustic blues musician) {Chris James} and although most teenagers have an overwhelming desire to be a performer at least once or twice as they mature, I never grew out of it and it has become more and more important to me as I've become a real grown up person.

As with so many independent artists, my music career has been thus far primarily funded by my own emotional steam and the blood and sweat and real tears of my nearest & dearest. This, as well as the continued support from people who've bought my CDs, downloaded my music and made trips out of their homes to see me play some songs IRL, has made it possible to keep making music and keep playing live shows.


I really enjoy doing it all this way, the DIY approach definitely has it's moments, good and bad. Sometimes it feels like a sinking ship in the way that only a self-indulgent art form really can.  But for the most part I have complete creative control and when my life has spiralled ruthlessly out of orbit, my creative output has somewhat followed suit.


For a while now I've been inexcusably slow at putting the music I really care about out into the world because I've always wanted to give my songs the right start in life and I'm not always sure what the 'right start' will be. (Maybe you know?)

I would like to apologise to anyone who's been patiently awaiting new songs to listen to or new shows to see me play, but I'm really trying here and I want to keep trying too.

If you want to support me on the rest of my journey I am so ready for that! There's a couple of ways you can do this.

Number ONE: If you have Spotify, please Follow me on Spotify

Spotify has become a very important part of musical politics recently and 'every little helps' in the Spotify supermarket, If you wanna help other people find my music or simply be a good friend to LJ, there's a link here to my Spotify Artist page and if you click the little green button that say's 'Follow' you'll be helping me in so many ways and I'll feel really good about myself too.


If that's tooo complicated, or you just missed it somehow, you can also just click this button here: 

Number Two: Come see me play a live show.

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